Top 10 Film Industries in the World

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Let’s talk about the top film industries all around the world. Films have been huge part of our lives, and we can’t imagine a life without it, there are over thousand movies made each year. So many movie industries all around the world yet the art connects them all.

Today, let’s check out Top 10 Film Industries in the World by Box office :

10. Mexico :

Box Office – $800m (2016)

Mexico industry has been growing rapidly over the years, With people like Guillermo del Toro, Guillermo Arriaga and many, it has been giving huge competition to the Hollywood movies.

9. Australia :

Box Office – $900m (2016)


The country which made the first feature film (The Story of the Kelly Gang) in 1906 hasn’t stopped yet. It has been producing grand movies like Crocodile Dundee, Wolf Creek and many more for years.

8. Germany :

Box Office – $1.1B (2016)


The Cinema of Germany refers to the film industry based in Germany and can be traced back to the late 19th century. German cinema has made major technical and artistic contributions to film during the period from 1918-1933.

7. South Korea :

Box Office – $1.5B (2016)



Oldboy, Shiri, The Host need i say more?

South Korean cinema started being made after the liberation of Korea in 1945. it has grown tremendously for the past few decades.

6. France :

Box Office – $1.6B (2016)

400 Blows


Some say that France was where actual cinema was born, and it still has been making the most significant contribution to the films in the World.

5. United Kingdom :

Box Office – $1.7B (2016)


A United Kingdom


David Lean, Michael Powell, Carol Reed and many many more !

Cinema of the United Kingdom has been giving the most insightful movies to the world for years. It has made us question everything we believe in, and given us a right path.

4.India :

Box Office – $1.9B (2016)


With likes of Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak, Rajkumar Hirani, S. S. Rajamouli, and many more Indian movies have achieved success that no one could ever imagine it to be.

3. Japan :

Box Office – $2B (2016)

Tokyo Story


Japan is considered one of the oldest and the largest film industries in the world. Japan film industry has a history of producing brilliant movies for continuous 100 years.

2. China :

Box Office – $6.6B (2016)


The cinema of China is one of three distinct historical threads of Chinese-language cinema together with the cinema of Hong Kong and the cinema of Taiwan.

Cinema was introduced in China in 1896, and since then there is no looking back for the great movies being made over there for the past century.

1. United States/Canada :

Box Office – $11.4B (2016)


Source –


Cinema of Canada is greatly mixed with Hollywood. There is no such major distinction. However, these two combined are the largest movie industry in the world on terms of Box Office collection, and also the heavy influence they have on movie lovers all around the world.

This was the list of Top 10 Film Industries in the World according to the Box Office collection.
Movies are a vital part of our lives now, and different movie industries all around the world work hard to keep this huge influence running every week.

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