Solve these 5 Problems and Become a Billionaire

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If You ever wanted to have a life like Bill gates, or Mark, you can have it by solving any of these 5 problems that world is currently facing.

Here are the Five leading problems waiting to be solved:

5. Wireless power:

There is no point trying to figure out about better battery life, future lies with wireless power transmission. Figure out a way to turn your TV or Cellular Transmission into a power source.

4. Rural, Remote Internet :

Internet Dead Zones are a Problems especially in developing countries like India. Google and Facebook have been trying to solve these problems for a long time but methods they have been using are not cost efficient, if you can figure out a cheaper solution than these Tech Giants, you could make Billions.

3. Cheap and Scalable Solar :

Today Solar Panel is in huge demand but their installation cost deprives the middle and lower class of it several benefits. Design a cheap, highly efficient solar cell, and you will have the holy grail of electricity on your hands.

2. Affordable Water Desalination :

Drought and other water problems could be easily dealt with if we can figure out a solution to change the Ocean Water to drinking water, through the process of desalination. Again, even here no one has yet designed any economical Desalination Plant.

1. Improve Weather Forecast :

Predicting whether it’s Sunny or Rainy today is completely fine, but if we could predict major natural events like Earthquake, Typhoons, Tornadoes, Hurricanes etc which causes billions of damages all around the world you could save many lives. Develop a better forecast model save the world billions while reaping some of your own.

It will be a huge accomplishment if you could solve any of these world’s most pressing issues.

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