The Vegetable Scam Of India

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So, it’s been a while we started dieting, ate all those healthy green vegetables, only to find out the adverse affect it is causing.

Everyone knows how healthy, and important green vegetables are for our body, some follow the routine of eating it on a daily basis while other with their procrastinating nature don’t do anything. It’s hard to say, but the green food you are eating and feeding to your family thinking it would benefit you, might actually cause more harm in the liver or kidney functionality.

So, what is happening here ?

Basically people who have the food stock apply food color to the leftover vegetables, and then they mix those vegetable with the fresh ones, so that they blend in, the spray they use for the color is mostly the spray used on cars, They then sell those to the market with the desired price.

This is practised by mostly everyone who does this for livelihood. They pick the vegetables from farm and put them in a tub, apply the color and sell them. For obvious reasons they mostly use green color to make them appear fresh.

There are injections available in medicine shops which these people use on vegetables to make them bigger in size, overnight.

They believe they aren’t doing anything exactly wrong as its just to sustain their livelihood which is difficult now a days because of inflation.

A textile dye called Malachite Green is used to make the exterior of vegetable vibrant green. This dye forms radical in body which damages liver and kidney in a great amount.

Check this video to know more :

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