Women In Phony Indian Society

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Being a woman in India is very challenging. We have to fight for everything. Our fight starts even before we are born. Whether a girl deserves to be born or not is decided before our birth. If this was not enough we also have to fight for our education at every level. Doing our daily chores everyday becomes difficult as we are in constant fear. Fear of being molested or raped.

Every day women in India are molested. Some of them are reported. Majority of the incidents go unreported because of social pressure. Indian society puts immense pressure on women. What to wear? Whom to meet/talk? How to talk? When and with whom to go out in public? These kinds of pressures are put upon women in general in India since a very young age. However, all these things are immaterial for men.

This is 21st century. Why do we still need age old customs and traditions? Trying to evolve from our past does not amount to Westernization of our culture. It means that you better yourself for the future. I had read somewhere that if wearing shorts comes from western culture then molestation comes from Indian culture.

We are not public property that you can come and touch us anytime. Who gave you the right to violate us in any way? The occurrence of mass molestation in Bangalore on New Years’ Eve shook the entire nation. The most scandalous and outrageous incident happened right under the noses of 1500 policemen. If this is the situation, just imagine the number of incident happening when no police officer is present. It is incalculable.

After this incident, the political leaders of Bangalore made a statement that these incidents happen. They further said that women should not wear western clothes to attract men’s attention. Are they insane? Do they hear themselves? Women wearing saree and burqa are also molested. Let’s presume for a moment that wearing short skirts is against our culture, so is molestation or rape within our culture? Don’t teach us what to wear, teach your sons not to rape.

Molestation in India comes under a vicious cycle. I will prove it to you. One incident of molestation/rape occurs. The political leaders blames the victim for the incident. The accused feels that he is at no fault and continues with his misbehavior. More incidents occur because of their unchanged attitude.

Another incident which just proves that the thinking process of some men is so toxic that it pollutes the entire society. A YouTube video by TheCrazySumit channel went viral for all the wrong and immoral reasons. This guy, Sumit, went across women on the streets of our capital and started kissing them in the name of prank. He claimed it as a prank. In which universe does kissing random girls termed as a prank? This is complete outraging the modesty of women. As far as I know, a prank is supposed to be funny. How is this act of his funny? What a great start to New Year!

I am a woman speaking on behalf of the entire female population in India. This has to stop right now. Earlier when such incidents used to happen, I was hopeful that in time it will improve. However, I was proved wrong. These incidents are increasing every day. I have lost all my hope from India. Laws are not very strict so as to create a lasting effect which is why we see same men committing the same act again and again. Some men in India have stooped so low that I am just wondering what is left to come?

Sorry India, you have disappointed us.

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