End Of 2016 And Women’s Safety in Bengaluru

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New Year’s Eve in Bengaluru finally confirmed that women are not safe in the Garden City just like Delhi. On 31st December, people had gathered at MG Road and Brigade Road, being the heart of the city, to welcome the New Year. This would have been a great way to part ways with 2016 for the partygoers. However, there was total chaos, unlawfulness and complete lack of disorder after 11 pm at MG Road and Brigade Road. Despite deployment of 1500 policemen at the location, women were molested and lewd remarks were made to these women.

Such was the intensity of situation that women literally took off their stilettoes and ran for their lives. Instead of grand celebrations, there was mass molestation, lewd comments, unruly behavior and hooliganism. It is reported that the Bengaluru Police had miscalculated the nature of the mob. None of the arrangements made by the police were of any help as the predators outnumbered the protectors.

Women became the easy targets of drunk and rowdy men as they were more in number. Women were left in tears. According to Bangalore Mirror, not a single case of molestation or harassment was filed despite the photographic evidences and eye-witness accounts. Sandeep Patil, former deputy commissioner (central) of the city, under whose limits Brigade Road and MG Road fall, told Bangalore Mirror that a number of women did approach the cops seeking help as they got separated from their family members and friends. He said, “So we used our public address systems to locate and our men ensured they faced no hardship. No case of molestation has been registered so far.”

However, on duty police officers claimed that the decision to extend the deadline for New Year’s Celebration till 2 am was the sole cause for such disorderliness. According to a lady police officer deployed on Church Street, she had to chase away a couple of men trying to molest and strip an inebriated woman. Women, who were caught in an unruly mob and didn’t have the protection of a helpful male friend or relative, sought refuge with women cops on MG Road, an eyewitness said.
Now the question arises, are women in Bengaluru not safe anymore? The safety of women is a collective decision of law enforcement agencies as well as the local residents. Young men should be educated on how to behave around women. No incident of molestation or harassment should be left unreported. Only when such molesters are brought to justice, women in general will feel safe in their cities.

Image Source: Twitter
Source: Bangalore Mirrior

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