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Online dating sites like Tinder have recently gained immense popularity in India. However, guys still struggle to get a match and even if they do get a match, it is very difficult to land a date with the girl. But following are the recommended advices by an Indian woman to Indian men seeking companionship on Tinder, OkCupid etc.:-

a. It is very important to look hot and presentable on your display picture. Looks may be deceptive but they are necessary evil. Your looks will give you an advantage over other guys. A picture speaks for itself so your pictures on the profile will define you altogether.

b. Make sure you put 4-5 pictures on your profile. It does not necessarily have to be selfies. It can also be full body shot if you have the body to die for. You can also put a picture while you are doing one of your hobbies because girls like adventurous guys. Girls are attracted to guys who are animal friendly so any picture with pets or random animals will fetch you more right swipes.

c. Your bio should be very exciting. The girl should be intrigued by your bio. Mention your hobbies or interests. Don’t fake it. It’s important to mention here that lying will not get you a girl. So if you haven’t read a book since high school, don’t put reading as one of your hobbies because if you do and the girl asks about the recent book you read, you will be stuck in your own lie.

d. You should mention what you are looking for. It could be a serious relationship, a fling, one night stand etc. There is nothing wrong in having your preferences sorted out. Girls like sorted out guys.

e. Now if you do get matched with a girl because of your sheer good luck, then don’t start a conversation immediately. Give it some time like 2-3 hours. Don’t look desperate as she may be chatting with 2-3 guys already. Start a decent conversation with “Hey, how are you?” Wait for her reply and if she has not replied in a while, don’t message her again. If she does not reply then that’s a hint that she is not interested. Don’t creep her out by continuously asking her why she is not replying.

f. If she replies, be gentle but confident in your messages. It is okay to flirt a little but you should know there is a thin line between being a flirt and being a creep. Do not cross this line. Don’t brag about yourself. Try to know her better.

g. You should know that chatting is not a green signal for getting laid. Take your time to know her. Don’t creep her out by asking her where she lives or what’s her number in first few hours of chatting. Slow and steady wins the race. Give her some time to trust you. Eventually she would come forward and give her number to you.

h. Take an interest in what she is saying about herself. This way she will know whether you are genuinely interested in her or just trying to get laid.

i. Once you start talking to her, don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Be honest and genuine. Most common topics to break the ice are: college, friends, movies, travel, etc.

j. You should not talk about your exes or how long was your last relationship or why did you break up, etc. Girls don’t want to know every detail about your past. But you should mention that you had been in relationships before. Another thing which will never get you a decent date is bragging about your active sex life. You would come across as sex offender to them.

k. Girls love those guys who make them laugh so a good sense of humor will make her hooked to you. Making a girl smile is the hardest thing to do so if you do that you have already won half the battle.

l. It is okay to text her first because this way she will know that you are genuinely interested in her. Try to build a real connection with her. This will play an important part in your chances of landing a date with her.

m. If you are conversing in English, use good grammar and vocabulary. You can also use Hindi or Hinglish. Girls hate when you use broken or bad English.

n. Try to make your conversations with her interesting. Avoid boring questions like what are you doing or what are your goals in life, etc. These questions can be asked after you have been talking for a while.

o. Try to be different. Starting every conversation with hello, how are you and what are you doing, will not make a lasting impression on her. Make every conversation a special and memorable one. Give her not one but many reasons to remember you than the other 2-3 guys she is chatting with.

It is not necessary to be different while approaching a girl but you must be unique in your own way. Hope you are the next target of Kaamdevta (Indian Cupid), till then keep swiping right.

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