18 Funny Fake Brands In India

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These 18 funny fake brands will make your mind insane :


1. What will you have Johnnie Worker or Johnnie Walker ?


2. Which is correct Ball Star or All Star ?


3. I like Nike


4. What should I buy pear or apple ?


5. Wait, what ?


6. Pasunnic or Panasonic ?


7. Okay Olay.


8. Coma seriously ?


9. I choose Pikachu !!!!


10. Even vijay mallya’s brands are hiding. Kingfarmer Wow!!!


11. This is new Ptanjali Collage


12. I will take Your Legs


13. Is this loo water or mineral water ?


14. PlayBoy need Pants


15. PS4 Toaster for Mom


16. I want latest iphone


17. That’s how my Grandmom pronounces SONY


18. I am with Yami Gautam


Special Mention:

Seriously I have no more word for this

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