10 Daily Products Banned Outside But Not In India

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It feels like a new trend in India banning everything, while we do curse some of bans here, we tend to forget that there are laws outside our Country too, which are as strict.

Here are 10 Daily Products Banned Outside But Not In India :

1. Lifebuoy Soap :

We use Lifebuoy as any other regular soap, however it might come shocking to know that Lifebuoy is banned in certain countries as they are considered terrible for skin. Some countries use this just for cleaning Animals.

2. Red Bull :

Love this Drink? Well, you might not after knowing the reasons for which they are banned in countries such as France and Denmark. It is widely considered there that this drink can lead to heart problems, depression, hypertension and convulsions. In Lithuania only people over the Age of 18 can have it.

3. Disprin :

This is medicine is one of the most common reply to any home ailment in India. Disprin, however is banned in several countries.

4. Pesticides :

Pesticides can come into plants and lead to several health related problems, this is the reason almost around 60 forms of pesticides are banned in countries outside India, but not here.

5. Unpasteurised Milk :

Canada and USA has banned this on finding the presence of certain toxic microbes and germs. Unpasteurised Milk is banned everywhere there as this stuff can make you easily ill, however you can still find it here in India.

6. Samosas :

Samosas are banned in Somalia, all thanks to the Jihadist terrorist group Al-Shabaab. These samosa haters enforced the ban in the areas they control by claiming the food was “too Christian”. Al-Qaeda would be so disappointed.

7. Tata Nano :

Yes, this is true. Our most loved cheap vehicle has failed a crash test operated by Global NCAP. Hence, this car is banned in other countries as it might be life threatening for passengers inside.

8. Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 :

Another one that failed a whole string of safety tests and guidelines, this car is also banned in several other countries, but is pretty popular here.

9. D-Cold Total :

D-Cold is extremely popular here,but banned everywhere as it might lead to Kidney Problems.

10. Nimulid :

Nimulid, considered a very effective pain killer is banned in USA , Australia, Canada Britain and a host of other countries. It is said to have severe health hazard for the liver and has deadly side effects.

Well, it’s available here though.

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