This Woman accuses her husband of being a “Lesbian”

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A police complaint has been filed by a 29 year old woman from Indiranagar claiming that her husband is transvestite and seek for separation from him. In her complaint she said that she is now fed up and tired of her husband being dressed and acting like a woman.

Anitha (name changed) works for a software company at Bannerghatta Road said to Times of India that “He loves wearing a sari and uses my makeup and accessories to dress up like a woman at night,”

Anitha is married for many years but she claims that she hasn’t had sex with her husband as her husband is impotent, who also works for an IT company.

Anitha had an arranged marriage in Bengaluru with Naveen who was selected by her parents. Senior counsellor at Vanitha Sahayavani, a women’s helpline run by the city police said “But from their first night itself, Naveen would act like a woman. He wanted to wear a sari that night,”

Anitha said in her complaint that her husband is only interested in “lesbian sex”. The couple is getting counsel now.

Anitha claimed that she could not stand by her husband anymore as she is feeling sick of this marriage and said “Our marriage was not consummated due to impotency and congenital defects. He behaves like a woman. He goes to work in the day, and come home and wears sari at night,”. Her husband has given his consent for the separation.

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