Telangana Minister Left The Accident Victim Dying On The Road

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An accident victim lying on the roads of Jayashankar Bhupalapally district could have survived the fatal accident, had the car of the Telangana minister did not drive past him and let him die. This kind of insensitive behaviour is done by the minister of his own constituency.

The accident took place on last Sunday afternoon when the victim Taduri Madhusudhana Chary was going to the Ramappa temple along with his two friends, Gopi and Sateesh, on his motorcycle when a high speeding Tata Ace truck hit his motorcycle on Nallakaluva crossroads in Palampet village.

Taduri Madhusudhana Chary, aged 30 year old, died on the spot while his two friends survived with some injuries.
Nearby villagers rushed to the spot as soon as they came to know about the accident. They started searching for a vehicle to move Chary’s body and his injured friends to the nearest hospital. At around same time, the convoy of cars of tribal welfare minister Azmeera Chandulal zoomed past the accident spot.

In a statement given to Hindustan Times, a youngster, pleading his anonymity, said, “I am sure the minister, sitting in the front seat, must have noticed the body. It was quite inhuman on his part to ignore the accident victims.”

The youth who clicked this photo and posted it on a WhatsApp group said “The village falls under his Mulugu assembly constituency and he should have stopped the convoy, got down from his vehicle and called on the injured, let alone making arrangements for shifting the body and the injured to the hospital. But, he had no such courtesy,”

Police reached the spot and completed their formalities only after the ministry convoy left the accident spot.
Chandulal told Hindustan Times that he had seen the body but he was unable to stop because he was rushing to Palampet to check on one of his relatives who was in a critical condition.

In a statement given to the Hindustan Times, Mr. Chandulal said “I was busy attending a call from my relatives when my convoy went past the accident spot. In the normal circumstances, I would have got down and called on the accident victims but I was in a hurry then.”

Minister further added “It is not that I lack humanity. After all, they are my constituency people.”

We are not sure of the intensity of the emergency situation of the minister. But surely having a group of convoys would give him the privilege to leave one of his cars behind at the accident spot to help the victims. It is nothing but a pure inhumanity on the minister’s part which is very sad and true.

P.S. – If you ever come across such incidents, please do help the victims. Don’t be like him.

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