Un-Reported Communal Riot in Bengal

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Communal riot has taken place between Hindu and Muslim on 13-14 December at Dhulagarh in Howrah which is less than 28 KM away from Kolkata and less than 20 KM away from West Bengal Chief Minister Office.

Houses were burn, shops being looted, temples are being destroyed and residents have left their home.
This all sound such a big news but you might be wondering why the hell you haven’t heard of it. This is because it was not the attack on the Muslim community by Hindu’s but the opposite way.

If it had been an attack on Muslim community you would have seen our beloved Ministers and West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee marching on the road and protesting towards it. But as by doing so in the current case it would hurt the image of secularism and vote bank politics of all minister in India they have kept a safe distance from it.

It would have been much better for the Mamata Banerjee if rather than telling our PM Narendra Modi that how to run a country she would have first learned how to run a state.

Media house all around the country which makes the news on cleavages don’t see this as a news because it will not benefit them in there viewership or image. Local newspapers are also silent because of influence of the local Government. Only Zee News has done a great job in covering this news which is highly commendable. Indian Express also covered it but it’s useless as appendix.

Official Statement by Police Officer given to Indian Express that “The Muslims have claimed that they were ambushed by a group of Hindus, who had objected to the procession. The violence was controlled and we arrested a few people,”.

He further added “Policemen rushed to the spot and managed to diffuse the tension. But the next day, for almost two hours, there was a stand-off between the police and rioters from both communities.They were carrying bombs… We used tear gas shells… Finally, we had to call in reinforcements to bring the situation under control,”.

“The situation is under control… Forces, including RAF, have been posted at Dhulagarh to maintain peace,” he said in the end.

Though Section 144 is still there but “PEACE” is restored nice.

We live in a civilised and educated society so we know that just because some Muslim’s have attacked Hindu’s it doesn’t make the whole community of Muslim an enemy to Hindu, in a same way the previous few riots doesn’t make the whole Hindu community a villain.

We are not fool or living in 80s that both of Hindu and Muslim will not understand that there is a certain section in both communities which are mentally ill and causing this tension between both communities.
So don’t be a puppet in the hands of Politicians and mentally ill people by letting them manipulate you for their own benefit.

we live in India and it belongs to all the religion of World. TAKE A STAND !

Jai Hind !!!!!

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