10 Bollywood Celebrities who lost their Career to Alcohol And Drug

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Several people come out of Bollywood everyday with lost hope, broken heart, and dark confession. Many claim they have been depending on Alcohol And Drugs to survive in the industry while many many have managed to avoid this confession.

Here is the list of 10 celebrities in Bollywood who lost their Celebrity Career to Alcohol And Drugs :

1) Manisha Koirala :

Manisha became an alcoholic when she was at the peak of her career. Though the actress delivered many hits during the 90s, but with the increasing pressure and fame, she surrendered herself to alcohol.

2) Sanjay Dutt :


Sanjay Dutt ruined his career soon after his debut, courtesy- his alcohol addiction. There have been reports that Dutt was in love with Tina Munim before her marriage but she left him due to his alcohol addiction. Bollywood’s Munnabhai later confessed that he was addicted to drugs for nine years.


3. Dharmendra :

Dharmendra has been addicted to alcohol for several years and refuses to give up the bottle. In the year 2012, during the promotion of his film Yamla Pagla Deewana, he confessed that liquor ruined his career.


4. Meena Kumari :

Meena Kumari, the tragedy queen of Bollywood reined the film industry for 30 years and closed her eyes at a meager age of 40, She was highly appreciated for playing the role of depressed alcoholic in the film Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam(1962) but realised her role in real as she turned to alcohol after her divorce. She lost her life at the age of 40 due to liver cirrhosis.


5. Rajesh Khanna :

After giving 15 back to back hits, Rajesh Khanna too couldn’t handle his super stardom. The actor was said to be drinking day and night with his colleagues. It became next to impossible for him to leave alcohol which resulted in his liver damage.


6. Fardeen Khan :

Fardeen was a drug addict, and in October 2015, charges were framed against him for attempting to buy coaine in 2001. Later, he had put an application under section 64(A) or Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance ( NDPS) Act which was accepted by court.

7. Divya Bharti :

The Popular actress who was seen with Shah Rukh khan in Deewana started drinking at the age of nineteen. Alcohol not only devastated her career, but killed her too. She Died after falling from the sixth Floor of her house and investigations had revealed that she was heavilyy drunk at the time of her death.


8. Vijay Raaz :

Known for his superb acting skills in Bollywood, actor Vijay Raaz was arrested by UAE police for possessing drugs in the year 2005. He worked in Films like Run, Dhamaal, Delhi Belly among other and is best known for his excellent comic timing.


9. O.P.Nayyar :

Eminent composer OP Nayyar passed away on January 28, 2007. It is believed that his last days were spent in miseries. His alcohol addiction was such that even in his last days he demanded money and alcohol for every interview that he gave.


10. K.L. Saigal :

K.L.Saigal not only essayed the role of drunkard in cult movie Devdas (1935), but in real life too he became just like the character he potryaed in movie. His drinking addiction resulted in the damage of his lever. It is said that in the years before his death, he was unable to sing or perform without consuming alcohol.


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