Daredevil Almost Sued Kaabil For Plagiarism

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Earlier today Mumbai Mirror reported that Netflix is going to sue the makers of Kaabil for copyright infringement. Out of the many similarities between Kaabil and Daredevil, three are stated below:-

a) Both the protagonists in Kaabil and Daredevil are blind.
b) Action Scenes of Kaabil are exact copy of Daredevil.
c) Colour scheme of both Kaabil and Daredevil are very much similar.

But the reality is totally different. Netflix has denied that they have any plan of suing the makers of Kaabil and claim that the news of them suing makers of Kaabil to be a rumour. Netflix gave an official statement to the Indian Express that “Netflix has no record of such a plan and we are checking into the source of this rumour.”

Director Sanjay Gupta in his statement given to Mumbai Mirror said that “It’s a preposterous comparison because Hrithik (Roshan) is not a superhero in Kaabil. His character is a blind man who does what he does best. In Daredevil, the protagonist fights 30 people at the same time. None of that is happening in Kaabil. If they sue us, we will definitely fight back.”

Recently, Co-Producer of Raees, Shah Rukh Khan signed a 3-year deal with Netflix under his production house, Red Chillies Entertainment, according to which all the movie produced under this banner will available to all the subscriber of Netflix all over the world.

In the end, it is a big relief for all the fans of Kaabil as it was nothing but a rumour. So enjoy Kaabil in theatres on 26th January 2017.

Check Out the promo of Kaabil:

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