8 Incredible YouTube Hacks you should know about

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There are so many different tweaks we are unaware about that can completely change our perspective about a particular site, and it’s not just in sites we don’t usually surf, in fact its in several sites which we check out on a daily basis. One of these sites is of course YouTube: second most searching engine.


1. To download a YouTube audio


So, there have been several instances where all we wanted was audio of a particular video, and we would google and scrutinize limitless sites only to find different errors rather than the actual audio.

Well, worry not because jostling between different places is over now.

Simply replace “youtube” with “listentoyoutube” in the URL to download the audio!



2. Download YouTube videos


So, you have finally found a video you want to keep with yourself, but you are too lazy to actually search about endless methods of downloading a YouTube video from millions of “video downloader”, What should you do then?

You simply put “ssyoutube” in place of “youtube” in the URL and download the video in any quality available.

3. Bypass the age restriction


Want to watch an age restricted video, but don’t wanna sign in?

Simply replace “youtube” with “nsfwyoutube” to bypass it.

4. To block YouTube advertisements


Well, this is a method i hope you don’t use, as YouTubers depends on this.

But, however for certain reasons you are too annoyed with ads and want to get rid of it?

Type “youtubeskip” instead of “youtube” in the URL and you won’t see them.


5. To play the video on loop!


Replacing “youtube” with “listenonrepeat” in the URL and the video would loop without your intervention.


6. Defeat country restrictions


How do you access video that is restricted to only a particular country?

Here’s how a normal YouTube link looks like:


Copy the “xxxx” string of characters and paste it so that the URL reads:



7. To line-up all the videos from a specific YouTube channel


If you like watching a lot of videos from a specific YouTuber, this hack is perfect:

Add “&list=UL” to any video and it will spawn a meta playlist containing all the video uploads by the uploader, in chronological order.


8. To turn the video into a GIF


Replace “youtube” with “gifyoutube”, and make a GIF out of any YouTube video.

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