The problem a Single Parent faces in Issuing an Indian Passport

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Laws, Rules and Regulations in India are too, that every once in a while every citizen of the country has faced certain problem with it .

We all know how difficult is to get a Passport in India though there are some recent changes which has given relief to certain extent but the problem still exists for many.

One of the guidelines of passport, which isn’t really favourable , is making the father’s name compulsory in issuing a passport even for a single mother trying her best to run the family independently. Even though father doesn’t want to be the part of their life and has his separate family, it is still compulsory for issuing the passport of child, to put the name of his father.

Due to such guideline many single mother and their children are facing this problem. If any single woman adopted a child by herself then we can’t even imagine the harassment she faces in a passport office.

Even Ngo’s can’t help them on this matter. The Delhi High Court in May 2016 stated that it was not essential to mention the father’s name if the mother and child so desired in spite of that Single Moms still face the same problem.

I Would like to say that our country is growing in terms of population so, there will be a huge number of cases of single parent’s trying to manage everything alone. So we, at The Monkey Scandal would urge our government to change those guidelines as they are pulling back our country from growing.

I would leave you with stories of Two Mothers, facing this issue in their own words and request you to sign their petition so that they can get the justice.

Case 1:

I am a single parent. My Husband abandoned my daughter and me when she was born just because she was a girl. He never looked back and doesn’t even care whether we’re dead or alive.

Recently, I applied for the passport of my daughter. My daughter doesn’t want her father’s name on the document. Our application was denied and we were told that both names are required.

My daughter did her schooling with my name only. Her voter ID card, Aadhar card and bank account have my name. Why was only the passport denied?

My daughter and I were forced to go through mental agony and torture.

We tried to convince the passport officer, wrote letters, met senior officers but our request was denied. In the end we were forced to include his name.

Every time my daughter looks at her Passport, she sees the name of a person who hurt her, who abandoned her.
Single fathers and mothers face several hardships. Often there is a traumatic story behind the reason we are single. We have to work extra-hard to support our children and be there for them.

The judiciary has given progressive judgments that say that the Father’s name is not required. My humble request is for the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Home Affairs to look into this matter and help single parents – fathers and mothers, so that they don’t have to go through this agony.

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Case 2:

After a lot of failed attempts since past 3 years consistently; I have decided to write this petition in order to get permission granted to acquire a passport for my son.

I am a single parent of a 10 year old boy. I was married to an abusive man who did not spare me even during my pregnancy. I some how managed to come back to my parents home after 3 months while pregnant with my unborn child and firmly opted not to go to that man ever again. To which he retaliated by filing for the custody of my baby and harassed me for 6 years. Despite all his slanders and attempts to harass me I won the case since I was abused and also because my ex had not given any child support, maintenance or alimony.

The man I was married to lives in Dubai currently. Its been 4 years now, he has not gained access to visit my son. Now he is married for the 3rd time and has a family of his own. He has no contact with my son what so ever, nor does he make any effort to visit him.

Kindly consider my petition to help me get a passport for my son, it would mean a lot to the little one.

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