This Jail In India Invites people to stay for a night by paying Rs.500

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Clonial-era jail in Medak district of Telangana is now providing a visit to all the interested tourist by a fee of Rs.500 per day.

The 220-year-old District Central Jail at Sangareddy, which has now been converted into a museum, offers a 24-hour confinement under an innovative initiative called “Feel the Jail” launched by the Prisons department for people who want to spend time behind the bars and experience the feeling of being under detention.

During the stay, the inmates will be provided with a prison uniform made of khadi, a steel meal plate and glass, a mug besides washing soap, bathing soap, bedding and other facilities as per state prison manual, in addition to a fan.

However, Deputy Superintendent of the Jail, Laxmi Narasimha has said that no tourist has yet chosen this offer.

Jail authorities need to be notified before, so that they can make proper arrangements for the visitor.

The ‘prisoners’ will be provided all the meals along with tea and refreshments as per the jail menu. While tea is prepared at the old jail, the meals include chapati, rice, rasam, pigeon pea, red gram dal, curry and curd, which is supplied from the new district jail near Kandi village on the outskirts of Sangareddy town.

“Visiting prisoners’ have no such working schedule, though they have to clean their barracks and can plat saplings during day.

The District Central jail was constructed during the Prime Ministership of Salar Jung-I in 1796 during Nizam rule in the princely state of Hyderabad.

The heritage jail is spread over three acres of land of which the building occupies more than one acre. There are nine barracks in the male wing and one in the female wing.

216 years of use later the inmates were moved to a new jail in 2012. And this old jail was transformed into a museum.

After using this ancient facility for over 216 years, a new jail was constructed near here and the inmates were shifted to the premises in 2012. The museum is furnished with history of prominent persons who were lodged here and exhibits several antiques, artifacts and equipments showing the history of jails during Nizam rule.

As of now, 15-20 persons visit the jail museum daily. To increase footfalls, the Prisons department is planning to include the jail museum visit in the Telangana state tourism department’s itinerary.

The authorities in the Prison department are considering to start a park for children and an ayurvedic village.

Source – Hindustantimes

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