Who is Vipul Goyal ? – TVF’s Humorously Yours

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Vipul Goyal is a stand-up comedian. He has performed in numerous college festivals, alumni meets, and many concerts. He has also performed in many corporate parties.

He is the founder and CEO of comedy promotion company, “Humorously Yours”. He was inspired by stand-up comedian Raju Shrivastava.

He was born in a small middle class family in Falna in Rajasthan. He is an Electrical Engineer from IIT Bombay. Soon after completing college he got the Job as a retail analyst in Adventity Inc. but after working for 6 months he realised that he is not meant for the job, his true passion lies in Stand-up Comedy. So he handed over his resignation to his employer by signing “Humorously Yours”.

He has closely worked with Arunabh Kumar the CEO and Founder of The Viral Fever and writer of Permanent Roommates & Pitchers Biswapati Sarkar in the initial days of his startup. All of them are close friend and he is also the part of “The Viral Fever” network.

He had acted in a film Déjà vu which was written and directed by his fellow IITian Anshul Singhal.
He is a very quiet and reserved kind of person in his real life. He feels that Jokes are the reflection of the personality of a performer.

Humorously Yours is a new web series of TVF starring Vipul Goyal with a glimpse of his personal life and taking a peek on the perspective of a stand-up comedian behind the stage.

So do check this new web series “Humorously Yours” which is going to start from 11th of December on TVF play website and app. I think it’s going to be awesome because it’s not on TV it’s on “TVF”.

Watch the promo of Humorously Yours below:-

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