There is a rare blood group found only in people from MUMBAI !

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Donating Blood is a humble act which can save several lives. Most of us happily do so. However, there are certain restrictions as the Matching of the blood types of the donor and the recipient is vital, if they don’t match it could lead to life-threatening complications.

We all know The general blood types are A, B, AB and O.

But, did you know

There is an extremely rare blood group, h/h blood group, also known as Oh or the Bombay blood group called so because it was first discovered among some people in Bombay (now Mumbai). Although the group is more likely to occur in East Indians, it is a very rare group even here. It is not restricted to East Indians but found in Caucasians, Japanese, etc.

They can accept blood only from another Bombay Blood type individual, and not from anyone who is O, A, B or AB type.

It was in 1952 that Drs. Y.M. Bhende, C.K. Deshpande and H.M. Bhatia of the Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College, Mumbai published a note in The Lancet (pp. 903-4, May 3, 1952) about two patients (X, a railway worker and Y, a stab wound victim) who needed blood transfusion.

None of the blood types known until then worked for them. The moment their blood samples were mixed with any of the above types, the blood coagulated or clumped up. The doctor trio tried the blood of over 160 donors and found at last that one from Mr. Z, a resident of Bombay, suited the type of both patients X and Y. This donor blood type was then named by Dr. Bhende and others as the ‘Bombay Blood Type.’ Technically it is now termed the (hh) type of blood.

This is happened because of large scale close-community marriages, resulting in blood type being greatly restricted.

It is widely considered that the blood type has ancestral origin. This peculiarity is used in several movies like Okkadunadu, and also Kahaani where the Villain was exposed since he needed Bombay Blood for transfusion.

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