10 Countries where you can start a new life

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When the going gets stuck, the world offers new places to start a new life…
To start a new life doesn’t mean running away from your current life. It means breaking away from the boredom and situations which put you stuck in a second gear.

Here are the top 10 countries you can start a new life in

10. The Bahamas :

Bahamas is one of the few countries which has no Income Tax, compared to other  caribbean islands, The Bahamas is least expensive in living cost. However, downside of this country is medical infrastructure, so, you need to take that into consideration.

9. Singapore :

If you are looking for a stable life among orderly people Singapore is your answer. It also has unique regulations which gave it the name of a fine city.

8. Hong kong :

This place is one of the most popular Food and entertainment centers in Asia. Unlike The Bahamas it does not have a tax free system, however it has one of the most favourable tax system.

7. Mexico :

Low living cost, amazing weather and  people who are very friendly are one of the many reasons to start a new life in Mexico.

6. United Arab Emirates :

UAE is not just popular among Middle East countries, people all over the world want to start living in Dubai for it’s high quality life and friendly tax policies. They have a relatively stable political and economic policies. However, everything comes with a price as cost of living in here is very high.

5. Indonesia :

Indonesia offers a peaceful life in a tropical weather. This country is perfect for you if moving out is all about reconnecting with your inner peace through the beauty of nature. It has a low cost of living.

4. Jamaica :

Jamaica is an amazing destination you can literally drop off the radar here. Enjoying a cool weather while listening to your favourite music.

3. Netherlands :

People living here are some of the happiest people in the world which is the result of liberal policies and good food accompanied by amazing beverages.

2. Bermuda :

Just like Bahamas, Bermuda also offers no income tax policies, located in caribbean Bahamas and Bermuda are similar in terms of ambiance. Living cost is pretty low here, most of the people living here are from outside working in financial sectors.

1. Monaco :

This place is known as the world’s favourite location for rich people all around the world. Living here means you become neighbours with some of the world’s most influential people. It has great weather, great luxury events and like minded people. If you have trouble living on land you can always buy a yacht and live on the Monaco marina.

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