How Public Slammed Rajdeep Sardesai in a Bank ?

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Rajdeep Sardesai has always been controversial in terms of reporting news from the ground. People have accused him of being biased and he is also infamous for instigating people against BJP. But the most interesting part is that whenever he tries to instigate or put words in people’s mouth in order to get the desired answer from them, he becomes a total failure.

Nowadays, people are smarter and observant how the journalists try to manipulate them and extract controversial materials from public. However, public is now well aware of these tactics and put forward their opinions instead of paying any attention to the manipulations made by journalists.

Recently, Rajdeep Sardesai visited Standard Chartered Bank in Delhi to inquire about the reactions of general public about the issue of demonetization. The replies of the customers were shocking as well as embarrassing for him. When a senior citizen was asked about the troubles she was facing, she replied that she was not facing any difficulties. Another customer also replied to the same question that the demonetization is a good policy and also they are not facing any hardships. The look on the face of Rajdeep Sardesai was priceless.

Not getting the desired answer, he tried to justify his perception that the poor people and the labourers are not happy with this decision, but the customer was not far from done yet as he gave a snappy comeback that such an act was for the benefit for the poor class.

Thereafter, he moved towards bank staff to get their story of suffering and trouble they are facing but he returned dissatisfied as the staff at bank said she is very happy to help people as she is contributing towards nation building.

Like always his manipulation did not work out to his benefit. He was unsuccessful in putting words in people’s mouth that the demonetization was a bad decision and that they were facing difficulties and were angry upon government. So we can say he totally failed as a journalist.

In the end, I will suggest him to stop his methods of manipulation and putting words in public’s mouth as he would end up being a joke. It’s a new era and a new INDIA. He should change himself and his methods of journalism so that not to make a fool of himself.

For those who are curious can watch the video of this incident below:-

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