10 Ways To Save Yourself and Other From Long Queues Outside Bank-ATM

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Demonetisation has been the topic of discussion all week long. Most of the people are appreciating it but some are criticising it. We asked our PM Narendra Modi to take strict action against black money for which he did last week with demonetisation policy. However, the situation is not getting any better in terms of money circulation in the market even after a week due to which some of us, who were initially favouring the policy, are now turning their backs on him.

Did you really think that it would be a piece of cake to end the problem of black money without any contribution from common people? No it’s not possible without us. We can question the method of its implementation but it is one of the best method to abolish issue of black money or tackle counterfeiting of currency.

One may think how can I contribute to solve the issue of black money? Here are 10 simple methods which would make the demonetization process smoother with your help:-

1. Don’t lock the currency in your Amirah because it will break the cash flow and those who needs it more than you are unable to get it. Instead spend it on your needs or let it be in your Bank Accounts.


2. Use Debit Card, Credit Card, Paytm etc for maximum transaction wherever possible.


3. Make payment in Cheque, Net Banking etc to anyone.


4. You can use Old currency to pay at petrol pumps, government hospitals, pharmacies, consumer cooperative stores, buying gas cylinders, paying utility bills, government milk booths, crematoriums or burial grounds, railways and monuments maintained by the Archaeological Survey till 24th November.


5. Use only one ATM card even though you might have more than one.


6. Help people filling up the form outside the bank.


7. Educate your friends, family and even strangers about how money can be drawn and used.


8. Money can be deposited till 30th December and even after that till March, 2017 in RBI so there is no need to rush.


9. If someone is in need of cash, you can take their payment in old currency which you can later change from bank.


10. Don’t let your account be used by someone to convert their Black Money into White and discourage everyone who are doing so. This will be recorded by your Bank officials and you will be held liable for it.


In conclusion, in my opinion PM Narendra Modi has taken a bold step to curb black money issue and improve our economy for the long run. Such a courageous technique was needed in India even if it means it will cause some initial difficulties and complications for everyone.

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