Let SRK explain the point of Rs. 2000 notes being launched in India

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Remember this scene from Don 2?

Obviously many people will recognize the scene, especially the SRK fans who were praising Don 2.

In the movie, the villain protagonist Don (SRK) stole the currency plates which were used to print Euro currency notes.

The logic he gave:- “Steal the currency plates and print as much currency you want. Organization would not dare to discontinue the already existing currencies because Euro note is scattered in various European nations. And even if the organization try to discontinue the existing note and replace it with new one, we will be able to make a lot of money by then”.

The launching of Rs. 2000 note is the reverse step taken by the Indian government.

Declare Rs. 500 and 1000 notes invalid. The black money holders are left with two options:-

Either go to bank and exchange the money with new notes and hence get tracked by government.
Else don’t try to exchange the money and get all your notes turned into useless paper.
Yes, with this sudden move many non “black money holder” persons will face some problem. But if it’s a good step to curb black money, I am OK to face an inevitable difficulty. I am about to get married this month, and you can imagine the difficulty I am going to face at this time with this decision.

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