Our Cable Operators are Scamming us all along and we don’t even know it yet

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Cable operators are scamming us and we aren’t even noticing it !

I believe this is an issue of high priority and should be addressed soon. All DTH providers are Forcibly providing channels which users don’t want, in the name of ” Packages”. They have 50% of other languages and regional channel which users don’t want.

Did you ever notice that the set up box installation date was Dec 2012, but it has extended up to Dec 2016.

To prevent unauthorized distribution of cable tv Set top box were made compulsory, they also needed to generate the TRP ratings from users.

Everyone had to bear the cost of these set top boxes.

We were told we would only pay for the channels we subscribed, so where is the online portal or any application form given to us for choosing channels?.

On top of that, monthly monthly charged was altered with an extra addition of Rs.50 , and what did the user get ?

1) All useless channels, which were not at all our taste.

2) Most of the channels were frozen or unsynchronized.

3) Most of the times they wont even respond to your complaints. They won’t pick up your calls, there are times when you get to see them only when they come to collect ” Hafta”, or monthly charges. When you point out your complaints to them then, they will completely negate you by saying it must be a software issue or system is being updated.

We basically paid for a Box of no use, and lost the somewhat better broadcast we had, and paid even more every month.

I believe some immediate and Compulsory steps should be taken by TRAI.

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