How to know whether a product is Made in China or India by looking at the barcode ?

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So, sometimes while buying certain things, we get curious regarding which country does that specific product belong to. Sometimes, we get that answer just by the appearance of that product, Sometimes we don’t.

What are we suppose to do when we don’t get that answer ?

Here’s a hack i would love to share with you guys .

A simple way to determine whether a product is made in China or India is by looking at the numbers below the embedded barcode of that product.

What am i talking about?

The first three digits of the number below the barcode determines which country that product is from.

For instance check this out :

First three digits are 490, that is the code for Japan.

Bar code items starting with 471 are Made in Taiwan like this one.

Every Barcode that starts with 890 belongs to India

China’s code is 690-99

Check this link to know about codes of different country : GS1 Country code

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