Where do Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s family live now?

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Mohammad Ali Jinnah was the founder of Pakistan and the divider of India. Many historians believe if it wasn’t for him, India would have had no such Hindu- Muslim issue, till 1945 everything was fine nobody had any problem. Other than some parts of Punjab, everything was fine and could be controlled.

But it was his hatred for Hindu community that triggered everything.

But he died soon after the partition, and many would be surprised  to know where is his clan now.

Well, however shocking it may sound, but his family lives in India.

His daughter : Dina married a Parsi man, Neville Wadia.

Her son and Jinnah’s grandson Nusli Wadia.

Nusli Wadia is an Indian Parsi businessman and entrepreneur. He is the Chairman of the Wadia Group and the grandson of Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

He married Maureen Wadia, a former air hostess, who heads Gladrags magazine. She is one of the forces behind the Mrs. India beauty pageant.

They together have Two sons :

Ness Wadia

And Jehandgir Wadia ( Founder of Go Air )

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