8 people who did massive damage to Indian Society

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India is a vast nation with so many people pursuing their several dreams and within each dream of a true Indian lies an image, an image where they see India in 10 years adorned with everything she deserves. India was one one of the richest country at a time.

There was a time before Mughals, when India Contributed to almost 40% of the World’s GDP. So, what happened to India ? You can point out several incidents and claim this and that, but behind everything there is at least one person who took charge and completely changed the fabric of India.

But if you are thinking that Mughals and British are the only reason, then consider this even China got their Independence around the same time as us. So why are they economically stronger? Let me tell you,  it’s because Nehru’s License Raj scheme.

Now, Let’s check out people who caused the greatest damage to Indian Society :

8. Prithviraj Chauhan :

Prithviraj Chauhan or Rai Pithora in the folk legends was a great Indian Ruler from Chauhan dynasty. We have all read about him, we all have watched several TV shows on him. We know him.

Prithviraj Chauhan was a great ruler and he didn’t do anything intentionally.

One of the greatest Indian warriors of all time, Prithviraj, also made a blunder that all of India even today are paying for. Instead of executing Muhammad of Ghor, he pardoned him, as a result very next year he again attacked Prithviraj Chauhan and defeated him. This led to the foundation of monstrous foreign communities ruling India for the next 1000 years ( I include British too).
He was a great man and a great ruler, probably former overpowered latter.


7. V.K. Menon


Although he, along with Vallabhbhai patel and Mountbatten, was the reason we got our princely states to combine with India, However he did things other than that which has scarred India forever.


Very bluntly I will say, this man was responsible for the below issues :

1. India’s loss in Indo-Sino War in 1962.

2. Pakistan finally deciding to attack India in 1965.

Menon,who recently got out India’s First Scandal ever, was appointed by Nehru as India’s Defence Minister. On seeing that India has cordial relation with every neighbouring country, he completely stopped spending anything on Indian Army, or providing them any modern Equipment, removed troops along the border and shut down arms factories. Seeing this as an opportunity, China attacked us.
Our brave soldiers might have won the war, had it not been for the outdated equipments they had been provided.

6. Jawaharlal Nehru :

Yes, i agree he was India’ first Prime Minister, but he made such bad decisions consequences of which India faces till date.

Among his worst decisions Foreign Policy tops the list where he completely abandoned any foreign good as a result India could never develop relations with Foreign countries, this foreign policy was also the reason of India’s economic downfall in 1990s.

His second biggest mistake was to let the foreign forces handle the Kashmir matter. When Pakistan had occupied chunk of Kashmir after Independence, Our army was ready to push them out, but nehru didn’t let our Army intervene instead asked UN for help, as a result UN let Pakistan have the Kashmir it had occupied.


5. Jaichand :


Jaichand stabbed India like no Indian ever did just for his personal animosity for Prthiviraj he allied with foreign powers and defeated one of the greatest rulers of India.


4. Vishwanath Pratap Singh :


He gave India some big set backs in his 10 month tenure. Friend turn foe of Gandhi family, he did a lot of arrangements, cobbled together an hotch potch alliance of disparate political elements, bonded together only because of their Anti-Congressism and love for power, grandiosely called National Front.

V.P.Singh then made strange bed fellows with the unlikeliest of the Allies, the far right BJP and the ultra left Communists, and became the Prime Minster by most devious means.

There are several things he managed to do in 10 months ( getting kicked out from alliance by BJP was also one of it which resulted in him losing the seat), but worse was he increased the reservation quota in Education and Employment, particularly in the Government and public spheres, from 27% to massive 49.5%.

3. Aurangzeb :

I strongly believe that in spite of so many years of Mughal Rule, the actual sense of communal divide between Muslims and Hindu came during his rule. The communal divide was deepened and that is the reason for so much strife today.
Things like this make me wonder what a great difference it would be, had Dara Shikoh ruled ( the rightful heir).

2. Mir Jaffar :

So what did his man do? Well he is probably the reason India got colonised by Britain.

Siraj was the Nawab of Bengal. His commander in chief was Mir Jaffar. Siraj’s army was helped by the French East India Company. They had a significant presence in Bengal and were way stronger than the British East India company.

But on, 23rd June 1757 in the Battle of Plassey Siraj’s army was defeated by Britishers in spite of having numerical advantage, Why? Because Mir Jaffar backstabbed Siraj. This win set up the foundation of the coming 200 years of British rule in India.

1. Muhammad Ali Jinnah :

How can we miss him?

He is the man behind Two-nation theory & creation of Pakistan. A concept viciously communal at root, assumed hindus & muslims can’t live peacefully together. It is something which still scars the asian society, and will do FOREVER.


I would acknowledge that there are no Britishers here, simply because they never ‘ruled’  India, they ‘ USED’ India.

There are so many other people and other incidents which has shaped India, whether in Good or Bad, i don’t know.

But I do know we are progressing, and in next 10 years we are gonna be in a much better position, i am sure about it.


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