How Bigg Boss Pulled a Huge SCAM, and We Didn’t Even Notice

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Bigg boss is a huge reality show in India. Many watch to get entertained, many watch for salman khan, many watch just for the sake of that voice of Bigg boss.
So, when in season 9, Salman khan announced at Finale that the next season of Bigg Boss was gonna be all about commoners, it got so many Bigg Boss fans excited all around India, raising false hopes that even they can get into the show, and maybe earn something in their own way.

Pictures of Salman on foreground, and men with profession of a Security Guard, Dabawala etc in background, started popping which enticed many and fooled everyone into believing that Bigg Boss is actually bringing “ Commoners” .

So, who is a Commoner ?

We looked it up and found a perfect answer “ a Common man/woman is someone who holds no such special titles and represents maximum people of our society”

So, everyone was fine with the posters though even that didn’t exactly represent the maximum of society rather it was highlighting a profession and showing stark contrast between Salman and them.
Many sent their Video clips hoping to get selected, and they were rejected which was okay, because we commoners grew up hearing the famous line “ Rejection is part and parcel of life”.

But, when on 16th October, contestant’s name were announced, many were having hard time ingesting these people. First of all they had said next season will solely be about commoners but they included “celebrities “, and here comes the shocking part other than 1-2, no one in any way represented commoners let alone the virtual promise their posters made.

I believe these Bigg Boss commoners are not commoners because –

1) They, in no way, represent maxim.
2) They fall more into the Bigg Boss definition of a Celebrity.

What is that definition ?

A struggling actor, Girlfriend/boyfriend of a Struggler who is a model, a video being viral, they once invited a thief – A THIEF who, btw after coming out of house started stealing again from commoners.

Anyway , let’s get started in showing how the commoners of this season fall more in the sphere of a Bigg Boss defined celebrity than in commoner.

1. Manu Punjabi

How many times have you gotten a chance to marry a “ celebrity”, and I am not talking about chance here, I am talking about having an extremely close chance. Well, yes Manu Punjabi was on The Bachelorette India where Mallika Sherawat was supposed to marry someone like Rahul Mahajan did on TV, and he reached FINALE.
If this doesn’t satisfy you, here are some pics where he is referred to as a “ Celebrity judge”, “Actor”, “ Model”.

2. Akansha Sharma

She was the sister in law of Yuvraj Singh, Wait, THE YUVRAJ SINGH, the guy who freaking defeated cancer, helped India win world cup the guy whose book I have read dozen times and get inspired equally every time I do. He is not a celebrity, he is way more than that, and anyone even remotely connected to him is in no way falls under the sphere of Commoner, let alone being a part of his immediate family.

A show which let’s a girl participate because she is Kushal Tondon’s girlfriend and considers her a celebrity, then for a show a like that, considering Akansha Sharma a commoner is highly hypocritical.


3. OM Swami

His disgusting video with his disgusting face where he slaps a woman has heavily gone viral. Someone who claims to have met Elizabeth Taylor and not just meet, but kick her ( This is seriously pissing me off now ).
So, let me clear his status by asking a question, How many commoners do you think even knew who Elizabeth Taylor was before this?

4. Priyanka Jagga

One thing about Bigg Boss is , that it gives such huge chance to models to elevate their career. Hence, it invites a lot of models every year.
Priyanka Jagga is a very popular “ Page-3” person who regularly does modelling and is a big socialite.
She has partied with many popular personalities like Neha Dhupia  and also Rannvijay.
Well, I think by now you know which sphere she belongs to , if you still don’t, I will explain you when we meet next on a party with Neha Dhupia and Rannvijay.

5. Navin Prakash

I don’t entirely consider him a celebrity, he can actually be considered a commoner because what he did was just appear on Arnab Goswami debate and tried to match the pitch of his voice with Arnab.
However, in past, different people have appeared just on the basic of merely one viral incident. So contestants like him have already appeared when Bigg Boss claimed to be a celebrity show.
We, The Monkey Scandal in no way consider him a celebrity but we think, Bigg Boss definitely did until last season.

6. Nitibha Kaul

She had previously participated in Miss India. But, she didn’t win that so she started to work for Google.
So, initially we were in doubt whether to include her not, because we all have dreams and sometimes we fail and settle, and when we come across an opportunity where we can reignite our passion we take it. That’s what she did by joining Bigg Boss.
But then we came across these pics. We are still in doubt whether she can be considered a celebrity or not, so we will leave it to you.

(UPDATED ON 20.10.2016) In this episode of Bigg Boss aired on 20.10.2016 she claimed that she won a reality show but we don’t have any further info about that now.
So, I guess apparently she is also not a commoner.

Two contestants we don’t have any doubt about being a commoner are Lokesh Kumari Sharma and Manveer Gurjar.
So, best of luck to them.

I know you might wonder who cares for Bigg Boss, but just imagine thousands of Innocent Indian uploading videos, working on themselves just to get selected in this show which had a poster like that, and then realizing they selected people who had a filmy background.

I would like to tell these Billion Dollar co-operative houses who think people with filmy background is what the maxim prefers, that many, MANY commoners are so busy that they don’t even sometimes get to watch a movie, let alone watching your show.

And to Bigg Boss advertising team – After your consistent Flop seasons, good job in advertisement .

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