How Fevicol Ads completely revolutionalized Indian Advertising Industry

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I think you all will agree with me when i say this that movies in India have changed a lot in recent years, and maybe the reason behind it is US( you and me). We have been constantly demanding good stuffs but it’s like the Bollywood makers have completely shut their eyes on us. However, few movie makers do hear us and they have been gradually trying to bring a change.

Let’s not talk about Tv for now because that deserves an article of it’s own.
I want to talk about Advertisements, lately there has been huge increase in the quality of Ads shown in India.
But just like any other creative field, ads weren’t always this good.

So, what happened?

Ogilvy & Mather happened.

They made a series of advertisements for Fevicol which were quite different, and absolutely hilarious, for those times, and it completely changed the way people perceived an advertisement to be in India.

Let’s look at some :

Copy and paste?


Copy and paste ?

This is creativity !!

This is creativity !!

Mayans who?

Wonder why nobody is sitting there?

It totally changed the mechanism of thinking for an advertisement at that time in India. We all, who, grew up during that time totally remember each of these advertisements, and how amazed we were by looking at it’s Brilliance and yet the simplicity it had.

Now here is 10 minute long video showing all of the TV ads:

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