Why Indian rupee has Mahatma Gandhi photo?

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We have always wondered, Why Indian rupee has Mahatma Gandhi photo? .

There can be several answer for that question, but the central answer for it has to be, because of the diversity in India.

Who deserves to be their in Indian notes? How do we decide that?

India has such diversified history and so many great people in past that chances are, every state would be vying for it’s own regional hero to feature on currency notes.

Don’t believe me ?

Well, let me tell you how things were messed up before 1996 when there wasn’t any Mahatma Gandhi photo In Indian rupee.

Before 1996 notes had pictures of Ashoka Pillar, Tanjore Temple, India Gate, Bengal Tiger, Aryabhatta satellite and many more, not all had Mahatma’s picture on it.

Earlier 10 rupee note :



10 rupee note without gandhi

Current 10 rupee note :


Earlier 50 rupee note :


50 rupee note without gandhi

Current 50 rupee note :




Earlier 100 rupee note :


Current 100 rupee note :




All of the different types of note were scratched and new Gandhi notes were made because of following reasons :

1)  More the types of currency, more are the chances of fabrication.

2)  People would get confused whether a new note was Fake or Real.

3)  People all over the country would fight to get tourist spots of their region on a currency note.

But, you must be wondering now, for whatever reason it maybe, if single series note was to be chosen, then why Gandhi?, why not Tiger? Or Parliament building?

Answer is that RBI had decided that if a note with a photo of a human being is fabricated, any subtle change in it can be detected. So, it was better to produce note of a human being on it.

But, why Gandhi?

Because he had a good image among all religions and all parts of the India.

In case you are interested and want to see some early notes.

Here are they :

Tanjore Temple


Tanjore temple on indian note



Gateway of India


gateway of india on indian note




Peacock on indian note

Oil Rig (to show development)


old rig on indan note

Aryabhatta satellite


Aryabhatta on indian note

Konark Sun Temple


konark temple on indian note



tiger on indian note

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