Why is patanjali so popular in India?

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Why is patanjali so popular?. How many times have you asked this question?
Let me explain you for once and all the reason of patanjali’s popularity.

Recently, there were so many articles talking about how Patanjali is churning so much money. At times like these it makes us wonder what is the reason for Patanjali to work so much in India?.

source- indiatoday
source- indiatoday

Is it because the product is cheap? or is it because of all the natural goods it claims to have?

Let’s look at  the factors why is patanjali so popular in India :.

1) A Brilliant Branding Strategy :



They don’t try to be some innovative IT guys, they know what they have to offer. They aim at something which is used daily and is already out there in the Indian market in huge numbers, but they give it a new touch, adding all ayurvedic and making it pure natural. How many of you remember last Patanjali ad you saw, where, Baba Ramdev would come and tell you how other foreign brands had so many chemicals in their products while Patanjali is pure natural.

2) Make In India :


While many would argue what do we get, why should we choose Baba Ramdev over such  famous foreign brands, i believe it’s because this way the money we spend at least stays in India.

Ramdev in an interview to IndianTimes says, we want our Indians to win medals in Olympics and get good name. So why can’t we pursue the same spirit in Indian Economy as well? “My fight is against foreign companies trying to take over our economy ,”


3) Because 1.2 Billion people help him with advertisement :



You mock him, You advertise him. You compliment him, you advertise him. Without spending much for advertisements, Patanjali gained maximum publicity and stormed the markets because of so many people “Talking” about it.


4) They have maintained Quality :


When Patanjali Products were first launched, no one believed that it will send shivers to these age old MNCs( colgate) in India, and give such an extremely hard competition. It’s really foolish and just mere lack of knowledge to link Patanjali’s success to Narendra Modi’s win in 2014. This achievement was not established overnight, it took intense research of several years.

The Patanjali Unit has over 200 scientists, 0ver 10 labs which are working on research based products. The Dantkanti toothpaste which uses only ayurvedic products and natural herbs would not have been successful without being good. Today 25 lakh tubes are manufactured per day. Patanjali today aims to set up 10 mega units, 50 semi-mega units and many small-scale units and compete with multinationals by ‘Swadeshikaran’.


5) A very Good Time to Launch Natural products :



In such an informative world people have easy access to any knowledge, this is the reason they now know about the harmful chemicals used in making some of the daily use products. So, there couldn’t have been a better time to launch a brand that offers “no harmful chemicals”.

So, what’s the take?

I don’t know how good patanjali products are, i am not here to review them, but, you have to admit that over the years this guy in spite of how much money he has been making from us, at least truly defined “Make in India “. Employing Indian youth, working on core Indian Knowledge to provide us healthy products.

The current turnover of Patanjali products is over 5,000 crores and Ramdev aims to set up PAL unit on a 40-lakh sq ft at Mihan in Nagpur, the biggest in the country and expects to employ 10,000 to 15,000 youths. No doubt Patanjali will soon be a global brand.
A very first time an Indian company is beating foreign companies in their own game of branding and marketing.

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