Facebook Then And Now

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Facebook is a popular free Social networking site that allows users to create profiles, upload photos, and videos,send message to anyone connected with you on facebook and stay in touch.
facebook no doubt has revolutionised everything social. It was created in 2004, and it has been growing ever since.

2004: Welcome to thefacebook.com

Facebook in 2004

This is a snapshot from the earliest days of facebook. Before it had 1 billion users, the site was available only to Harvard Students.

2005: The original facebook profile


facebook profile page 2004

This is a facebook profile in 2005. Back then users could specify they were looking for random play.


2006: Mark Zuckerberg’s profile


mark zuckerberg facebook profile 2004


In 2006 facebook was given first major redesign. A news feed was added to a user’s homepage and a mini feed appeared on individual profile pages.


2008: facebook’s homepage


2005 facebook homepage

An enticing welcome page for the facebook’s increasing visitors.

2009: facebook’s Homepage


2009 facebook homepage


In 2009, the News Feed was replaced with a Real-Time Stream. Facebook also asked users, ” What’s on your mind?” making facebook users share status updates.

2010: Profiles get a update



Facebook uplifted it’s profile pages again in 2010

2010: facebook Pages


2010 facebook ptofilepage

In 2010, companies and celebrities could invite fans and customers to connect with them on facebook.

Facebook Ticker:



2011: Video Chat


2011 facebook videochat

In 2011 facebook enabled video calling

2011: The Timeline


facebook 2011 wall

Concept of “Wall” was ditched and Timeline was introduced.

2011: facebook subscribe


Users in 2011 with the new subscribe feature could see people’s status updates and posts. Now called “follow”.

2012: facebook’s App Center


facebook app center

For increasing mobile users facebook introduced App center which feature 500 facebook apps, mostly games.

2012 : facebook acquired Instagram


In the spring of 2012 facebook acquired Instagram for 1 billion dollars. Zuckerberg said that this was a very crucial milestone for facebook.

2013: Graph Search


2014 : Trending


In 2014 January, a Trending feature was unveiled which allowed to stay updated with the most talked topics.

2014 : facebook acquires whatsapp


On 19 February facebook acquired Whatsapp for $16 billion USD

2015 : Live video feature


On August 5, Facebook launches live-streaming, initially restricted only to celebrities.

2016 : Marketplace


On October 3rd, in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, Facebook launches Marketplace, a way to buy and sell items through Facebook.

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