LPG Consumers Right to Claim Upto Rs.50 Lakhs From LPG Companies and Distributors

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Did you know that you can claim an amount of Rs. 40 to 50 lakhs  in case your LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) bursts and causes any accident or death? Yes, you heard it right.

We, as the consumers, are unaware and ignorant about the LPG Insurance Policy which covers all the subscribers of LPG connections for any such accident or death without paying a single penny as premium.

So how does it works ?

Many of us do not know that the LPG companies and LPG distributors take “Third Party Liability Insurance”.Third-party insurance is essentially a form of liability insurance purchased by the insured, the first party, [LPG Companies] and issued by an insurer, the second party, [Insurance Company] for protection against the claims of another, the third party [LPG Consumers]. In these case, the LPG consumer is not required to pay any premiums and he/she can claim insurance both from the LPG companies as well as the local LPG distributor.

According to a Citizen Charter available on the Indian Oil Corporation website, “All registered LPG consumers are covered under an insurance policy taken by the PSU Oil Companies. In case of an accident, the customer must immediately inform the distributor in writing. The distributor then informs the concerned oil company and the insurance company about the same. The distributor will offer assistance to the customer in completing the formalities of insurance claims arising out of the accident. All LPG distributors also have Third Party Liability Insurance to cover losses in the event of an accident.”

Meanwhile, the HPCL website states that, “All registered HP GAS consumers are insured against outcome of an accident at their registered premises due to LPG. Details are available with all the distributors and the Customer Service Cell. HPCL has also a Public Liability Insurance Policy.”

This means that if an accident is caused by the explosion of LPG cylinder at the consumer’s premises, he/she can claim for damages. The policy provides an insurance claim of Rs. 40 Lakh in the event of accidents, and Rs. 50 Lakh for deaths due to cylinder blast. The local distributor is obligated to offer assistance to the customer in completing the formalities of insurance claims arising out of the accident. While the LPG Company is bound to honour the request.

Steps to claim this insurance :

• In case of the unfortunate event of an accident, the LPG customer must immediately inform the local distributor in writing. The distributor then informs the concerned LPG Company and the Insurance Company about the same.

• Customers are not required to apply to Insurance Company or to contact them directly.

• Customers are required to submit to the LPG Company the originals of Death Certificate(s) and Post-Mortem report(s) /Coroners report/Inquest report, as applicable, in case of deaths.

• Customers are required to submit, Original Medical Bills, Doctors’ Prescriptions in original supporting the purchase of the medicines, Discharge Card in original and any other documents related to the hospitalization in case of injuries.

• In case of damage of property at customers’ registered premises, the Insurance Company appoints their Surveyor to assess the loss.

• Your local distributor has to assist you in completing the formalities of an insurance claim.

• To ensure that your claim is not rejected, you should use ISI-mark accessories (such as lighter and gas pipe).

• You should also ask your gas dealer to carry out maintenance checks at regular intervals.

Every year hundreds of accidents related to LPG cylinders occur. But due to lack of awareness regarding this Insurance Policy, the consumers are never compensated for their losses. The ignorance and indifferent approach of the administration is the reason why the gas agencies do not bother to pay in case of casualties due to cylinder blast.

Don’t be ignorant. Wake up and educate yourself and others with your rights. Share as much as possible.


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