What Food Stylists Do To Make Burgers In Ads Look Tasty ?

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How burgers really look?

I think we all can agree that burgers in ads are no way close to the burgers we eat at any place.
Burgers look way different. For that, We must thank all the Food Stylists.
But what magic do they give to these burgers to make it look so tasty?

Before i start, let me clear one thing that most of the times what we see in Ads are actually real food that means a salad is actually lettuce. But food stylists do have some tricks hidden in their creative brain.

For example, all of the toppings — pickles, onion slivers, lettuce — are pushed to the front to be more visible. And keeping in mind the authenticity of these toppings, the food stylists search for the most photogenic options. The cheese is laid on cold, and the corners are melted down with a hot palette knife.

Application of these front heavy toppings makes the burger super lopsided, so food stylists then prop up the back of the bun. Once the burger is “Constructed” with toppings and bun, condiments are squirted into the crannies with a syringe.

Behind The Scenes At A McDonald’s Photo Shoot

Let’s get that burger juuuust right.

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