Every world map you have ever studied is WRONG !!

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What if i tell you,  Every world map you have ever seen is wrong even the Google map .

Flattening out a 3-D imperfectly shaped sphere on a rectangular shape is impossible and causes distortion in relative sizes of countries .Things that are chosen to be distorted tells a great deal about human mind .


The Mercator projection, the map which is most commonly seen hanging in classrooms and in text books, was created in 1596 to help sailors navigate the world. This map gives write SHAPES but by distorting the relative sizes in favour of richer lands to north.

You might think that the emergence of satellite imagery and Google maps has improved our perception of the world, but this isn’t always the case.

Okay, so now let’s examine this Map .

North America seems larger than Africa, Scandinavian countries are larger than India, and Alaska looks bigger than Brazil. Greenland appears to be a large sparse island big enough to rival Africa.

But sadly, this isn’t the case, you have been taught all wrong. So how bad is the inconsistency ? Well unfortunately its extremely BAD.

Let’s check them out :

1) India is Larger:

source-Credit: The True Size
source-Credit: The True Size

Let’s start with India, Our Country appears to be much smaller than it actually is. In reality, it happens to be thrice larger than the Scandinavian countries, which is why we have enough space (almost) to accommodate second largest population in the world.

2) Africa is Massive:

source-The true size
source-The true size

In reality, Africa is MASSIVE ! It is thrice the size of North America, in spite of Mercator Map making North America look larger. You can fit the USA, India, Europe and China into Africa and still have space for few other countries .

3) Greenland not as big as Africa:

source-the true size
source-the true size

Green land looks as big as Africa is in reality however it’s only 1/14th of Africa. It is even smaller than the Democratic Republic of Congo – just a single one of Africa’s 54 nations. Greenland is so badly depicted that cartographers call the size distortion of the Mercator map the ‘Greenland Problem’

4) Alaska is Smaller:

source- The True size
source- The True size

Alaska is also relatively smaller when compared to Brazil – it is 5 times the South American giant, and even Mexico is larger than Alaska in terms of area.

5) Antarctica is not as large:

Antarctica is usually shown as a huge landmass at the bottom of the map, but how big is it really?

In fact Africa is 2.2 times larger than Antarctica

Because of so much distortion in Antarctica cartographers just crop the continent off. However, this makes northern hemisphere look larger than it’s southern counterpart .

So, what’s it all about?

Basically it’s all about EGO. Bigger the ego bigger they make their country look. 16th century Europeans felt the easiest way of making a map was to match the size of their egos. Central position, top of the world, and enlarged countries – how could the Europeans resist the temptation? And as the saying goes the victors write the history books, and apparently, they also draw maps!

In 1623, a Chinese terrestrial globe called the Hinese Globe was made for Chinese Emperor. The creators placed China in the middle and made the other parts of world appear smaller .

It gives us a deep insight into human mind,  a proof regarding how history is written by the one who has ruled , how much unaware are we regarding the truth and so many different perception of a single map .

Makes me question, if our map can be so random , how random is our existence ? .

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