A 41 years old Sikh man brutally assaulted in U.S

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Racism against brown and more with Sikh due to their turban which was triggered during the attack of 9/11 on WTC has not stopped its pace till now even after 15 years.

A recent discrimination was reported towards a Sikh-American IT specialist working for the Social Security Agency who faced an attack by some male Americans because of his religious believe.

The incident took place when Maan Singh Khalsa a 41 year old Sikh-American was driving his car at 9 P.M. on the Sunday night of 25th September when a group of as many as six white male in their late 20s to early 30s in the white Ford F-150 pulled up and threw a beer can at him. The Sikh man ignoring the incident drove away from the place but his car was followed by the same group of men and at the traffic signal when he stopped his car, these American male came out of their Ford and approached towards his vehicle and grabbed him through the window.

After that they knocked off his Sikh turban which means a lot to a Sikh and started to hit his face repeatedly again and again. Then they took a knife and shouted “cut his f***ing hair” then they cut a fistful of his religiously-mandated unshorn hair. He has sustained many injuries to his hands, fingers, eye and teeth, Which result in patch on one eye, a blackened figure with stitches, he will also be requiring three root canals and there are also many other cuts and bruises.

Source: The Sikh Coalition/Facebook
Source: The Sikh Coalition/Facebook

Richmond police has arrested two suspects Chase Little, 31 years old of Texas and Dustin Albarada, 35 years old of Louisiana in connection to the incident on felony assault charges. Later on both of them have been released on bail. The Sikh Coalition, a national group has written a letter and urged the authorities to pursue hate charges on both the men but district attorney’s office has not said anything about their intention on that yet.

Mr. Khalsa said in a press statement released by the Sikh Coalition “The attackers caused physical injuries and deep harm when they targeted my Sikh faith,” He further said “I urge a thorough investigation so we can address the tide of violence and bigotry in this country.”

Sikh Coalition legal director, Harsimran Kaur said that “The purpose of a hate crime investigation and prosecution is to ensure that our government and communities accurately account for the problem of bias in our society,”

Kaur further said “We need to acknowledge hatred so that we commit the resources necessary to stem bias-based violence,”

Sikh community is very stunned and hurt by the incident.

Karanbir Singh, vice-president of the Sikh Center said “We are not supposed to cut our hairs ever. It’s one of our five articles of faith,”

“He is a very nice man, a very good man. He never fights with anybody,” said Tarlok Singh, a Sikh Center member

“My concern is they said ‘cut his f***ing hair. So, I don’t understand why someone would say that unless that they were specifically targeting a person,” said Kaur.

Whether against a Sikh person or against anyone, racism should be stopped just because of few anti-social element around the world we cannot let every other person suffer just because they share same look, race, country or religion. Its 2016 and it should be stopped now.

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