How much is love worth?

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If I could invent a machine that could make people fall in love how much should I charge for a machine like that ?
before you answer that
let’s measure love.

In a recent survey psychologists estimated that happiness of a person falling in love for the first time is equivalent to the happiness of a gambler earning 267 thousand dollar.


And on top of it, finding a love that stays with you forever equals to earning extra 30-40 thousand dollars as bonus.

So what the hell am I talking about ?

First of all, What is love?

Nowadays, we often put our characteristics on dating apps, marriage apps , what kind of person we are, what kind of person we want “specific qualities”. As someone said once, just when love starts to depend on something EXTERNAL, it ceases to exist.

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The simple truth is Love means truly admiring the fundamental nature of a person that’s why we TAG someone loving a person for their looks and money as fake, while loving for kindness and honesty as true because this is the basic nature of that person.

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But here’s the interesting thing, RICH people have options to be kinder than a poor person so if someone gets attracted to someone with a kind nature and the rich person has higher chances of being kinder aren’t they indirectly getting attracted to someone RICH?

What on earth I am talking about?
A survey of hundreds of Italian women indicated that two-thirds found greater sexual satisfaction from “powerful men in socially respected positions.”

Money doesn’t bring happiness but it sure has the capability to evoke a happy environment more than an environment which is deprived of money. I am not saying this is always the case, but this is what happens MOST of the times.

So if we want a kind person who brings with Her/Him a happy environment with a sense of humour (as mentioned in your app by YOU).

Isn’t the probability of a rich man more than a poor one?

And if we have started naming the specific qualities we want in a person however fundamental they be isn’t it similar to buying a product online which matches our needs?

So what does all this means?
Money can’t buy LOVE, but it sure can increase the probability.

But don’t just take my word for it, soon you will have it figured.

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