Mitticool- A fridge made of clay running without electricity

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Imagine a fridge which is cheaper and requires no electricity but can do as good a work as any other fridge in your place. A freeze which is eco-friendly too.

Sounds absurd,right?

Well, , Mansukh bhai Prajapati a traditional clay craftsmen, has transformed conventional clay items into an imaginative range of products which he calls Mitticool, ‘mitti’ meaning clay in Hindi.

Mitticool is a fridge which does a good job in preserving food items and keeping things cold and that too without any electricity.

Mansukh bhai came in contact with GIAN(Grassroots Innovation Augmentation Network) in 2002, which helped him in the product design.

The process:
The whole process is initiated by feeding water into a holding tank, which has the capacity to store five gallons. The water steadily trickles down through the clay and in a warm environment the water will evaporate, cooling the clay which in turn cools the content of the fridge.

Besides keeping vegetables cool, there is also a small tap on the front of the holding tank for drinking water, while the bottom shelf can be used to store Diary products.

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